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united states note wikipedia - a united states note also known as a legal tender note is a type of paper money that was issued from 1862 to 1971 in the u s having been current for more than 100 years they were issued for longer than any other form of u s paper money they were known popularly as greenbacks a name inherited from the earlier greenbacks the demand notes that they replaced during 1862, history of the united states ii clep free study guide - exam description the history of the united states ii clep picks up where the history of the united states i clep left off actually it overlaps just a little bit as you may have noticed by the dates, a people s history of the united states - a note and a disclaimer the note this great book should really be read by everyone it is difficult to describe why it so great because it both teaches and inspires you really just have to read it, military history of the united states wikipedia - the military history of the united states spans a period of over two centuries during those years the united states evolved from a new nation fighting great britain for independence 1775 1783 through the monumental american civil war 1861 1865 and after collaborating in triumph during world war ii 1941 1945 to the world s sole remaining superpower from the late 20th century to, visual note taking for educators a teacher s guide to - a step by step guide for teachers to the benefits of visual note taking and how to incorporate it in their classrooms we ve come a long way from teachers admonishing students to put away their drawings and take traditional long form notes, bates guide to physical examination and history taking - bates pocket guide to physical examination and history taking eighth edition the pocket guide is an abbreviated version of the bates twelfth edition textbook designed for portability and convenience at the bedside bates visual guide to physical examination www batesvisualguide com, united states of america travel guide at wikivoyage - the united states has over 10 000 cities towns and villages the following is a list of nine of the most notable other cities can be found in their corresponding regions 1 washington d c the nation s capital filled with major museums and monuments 2 boston best known for its colonial history its passion for sports and its universities, the family history guide - learn about the united states public records index this collection has records for many people who lived in the united states from 1970 2009 which can be a great help for those tracing your recent ancestors or missing family members